What we do

At SkateOn skateparks we design and realise urban sports facilities such as skateparks, freerun and calisthenics courses. We do this in close consultation with both users and the commissioning party. By involving the end users (skateboarders, inline skaters, BMX bikers, scooter riders and freerunners) in the design process, we can make sure that the end result is something everyone can go wild on.

Skateboarding has been pronounced Olympic sport for the Tokyo 2020 Games. The Olympic Games will demand the utmost not only from the skaters, but also from the parks that they skate. Our designers are fully up to date with both the latest trends in skating ánd the skills and abilities required for the Games. We can incorporate Olympic skate obstacles in our designs to facilitate training at an Olympic level, or if desired, design and construct a fully Olympic training centre (indoor and/or outdoor).  

We integrate our facilities perfectly within the public space, whether it be urban or green; our parks should be a nice place to dwell for the everyday man/woman as well. This means our designers always take the aesthetic aspect of a project into account as well.

An eye for quality, and durability are two of our priorities. The employees of SkateOn skateparks are skaters who work with passion. A team of hardworking sportsmen who themselves can’t wait to try out and use their own park, and who therefore will not rest until everything is perfect for the end user. It’s important to us that our employees have an affinity with the sports, so we can make sure we have a team with one vision: to deliver the best quality product and nothing less.   

Through our many years of experience we know how to achieve the best results time and time again. From mega-skatepark to tiny skatespot: each project matters to us. We offer full-service, start to finish. From designing and constructing the park, organising a killer opening event, to maintaining your facility: we can take care of everything!

Would you like a skatepark near you?

Do you and your friends want a skatepark in your area? Or would you like to see the existing facility renovated? We can help you with that. Contact us for advice, free of obligation, on how best to tackle this.

Need a design to bring to your municipality? Advice on the possibilities of the location you have in mind? Whatever your questions are, feel free to contact us! We’re happy to help in any way we can.