Social Return

most innovative company of Rotterdam for social return solutionsWinner of the 2016 award for most innovative company of Rotterdam with regards to social return!

The social return program helps people who for whichever reason find themselves with poor employment prospects, to gain work experience for (re)integration unto the job market. Social return aims to increase both work participation as well as the skills and craftsmanship of job seekers who are, for example, in a situation of dependence on social security or with reduced work capacity, and students. By supplying work placement, apprenticeships and traineeships the employability of this vulnerable group is greatly improved. Naturally, we at SkateOn skateparks participate in this program and are happy to go the extra mile in creating innovative work opportunities, as a result of which we are very proud to receive the 2016 Social Return Innovation Reward from the municipality of Rotterdam.
We are looking forward to taking part in this program in the future, making it brighter for everyone!