Skate Team

Our demo team is made up of a variety of top notch skaters. This awesome skateboarding team will give a spectacular show at the opening events of our projects. Come and meet the team!
NB: at the moment we’re still working on completing this page, we appreciate your understanding.


Magic van Heeswijk
Date of birth: 01-05-2000
Residence: Tilburg
Started skating in: Tilburg

Setup: Cliché board, Venture trucks, Spitfire wheels, Andale bearings
Sponsors: Venture, Nike SB and Kingdom Skateshop
Favourite trick: FS shovit
Favourite skater: Tommy van Berkel


Justin Wagener
Date of birth: 19-09-1991
Residence: Voorburg
Started skating in: Voorburg

Setup: 8,375 Sour board, 149 indy’s, Houtmood wheels
Sponsors: Sour, Manus, Circa, Houtmood, Turtle Productions
Favourite trick: ?
Favourite skaters: Gustav Tonessen, Grant Taylor, Tyler Surrey, Ishod Wair


Tristan Koelewijn
Date of birth: 23-04-1990
Residence: Dordrecht
Started skating in: 2003

Setup: Skatemental 8,25, Spitfire 53 Formula four Conicall, Thunder High 147 team, Bronson bearings
Sponsors: Supra Footwear, Fier Skateshop, Spitfire Wheels, Thunder Trucks, Skatemental
Favourite trick: Backside 360
Favourite skater: Wes Kremer


Leander Geelhoed
Date of birth: 24-10-1983
Residence: Rotterdam
Started skating in: 1994

Setup: 8″ Indy Swiss Metropolitan
Sponsors: SkateOn, Ben-G, Adidas flow
Favourite trick: BS noseblunt
Favourite skater: Wes Kremer


Douwe Macaré
Date of birth: 30-05-1992
Residence: Deventer
Started skating in: 2005

Setup: Jart board, Thunder trucks, Spitfire wheels, Reds bearings, Skatedeluxe hardware
Sponsors: Skatedeluxe, Thunder, Spitfire en Dickies
Favourite trick: kickflip
Favourite skater: Tommy Fynn


Stijn “BotsKnal” Nieuwenhuis
Date of birth: 14-12-1998
Residence: Almere
Started skating in: 2006

Setup: anti hero indy budgetbeukers en oj wheels
Sponsors: SkateOn
Favourite trick:
Favourite skater:


Finn Visser ‘t Hooft
Date of birth: 18-01-1990
Residence: Amsterdam
Started skating in: Heiloo in 2003

Setup: 8.5′ Blacklabel board, Jessup griptape, OJ 53 mm wheels, Hardluck bearings, Indy 149 trucks
Sponsors: Emerica, Toms skateshop, Blacklabel skates
Favourite trick: Bluntslides, nosegrinds, 50-50s and tailslides
Favourite skater: My favourite boys, AVE, Heath Kirchart and many many more


Abel Segura Sanchez
Date of birth: 02-04-1989
Residence: Valencia
Started skating in:

Favourite trick:
Favourite skater:


Damiaan “Paco”Winkelman
Date of birth: 30-01-1982
Residence: Rotterdam
Started skating in: 1999, in Boxtel

Setup: Indy, Magenta, Bones
Sponsors: Kingdom Skateshop, 103
Favourite trick:  fakie NG
Favourite skater: Guy Mariano


Sjoerd Vissers
Date of birth: 04-06-1995
Residence: Eindhoven
Started skating in: 2004

Setup: krooked, indy, spitfire
Sponsors: DC shoes, 100% Skateshop
Favourite trick: bs smith
Favourite skater: John Cardiel