Yard 2.0

Parks, Volunteer

In May 2017 SkateOn built one of the largest skateparks in Europe, with a total of 4000 square meters. This park is built on the legendary spot ‘The Yard’ in Utrecht, next to Central Station. The budget was achieved through crowdfunding, and SkateOn built it on a voluntary basis to realise the project in collaboration with the The Yard Foundation and local skaters.

Under the motto “less is more” the course has a spacious set up.The design clearly takes its cues from the original Yard design: both classic street skating elements as well as organic shapes, with transitions like quarters and a volcano, have been built into the huge available area. Besides the skate elements SkateOn also took care of the landscape in the vicinity of the skatepark. For example embankments were built around the park to limit noise transmission for the environment. These embankments were sown with grass seeds to create a green scenery which is not only pleasing to the eye, but also eminently suitable for an urban picnic. In this way SkateOn has transformed this abandoned and neglected area into an esthetically pleasing spot for both athletes and residents.