About Us

When we started skating there were several kinds of skateparks. Most were made of steel, wood or synthetic material, and some were prefab concrete. Because these didn’t connect with the “natural” street skating that we knew and loved, we started building skateparks ourselves 20 years ago. Starting out with wood, we soon started experimenting with concrete and shotcrete. After some large scale projects in the Netherlands (Westblaak Rotterdam, Dokweg Dordrecht) we are now market leader in our country, as well as having multiple international projects in our portfolio.

Shotcrete is the perfect material to build skateparks but demands a huge amount of specialist knowledge and experience. Within the Netherlands we are the only company that has truly specialised itself specifically in shotcrete. This makes us thé expert in designing and realising skating landscapes in the Netherlands, and beyond. We have an international team of builders and are in the top of skatepark construction companies in Europe. Furthermore our entire design and construction teams have years of practical experience in urban sports themselves, on skateboards, inline skates and BMX. Not only does this distinguish our designs from others, it also means we have an eye for detail from the user’s point of view, and that we will not settle for anything less than skateparks of the highest quality in both construction ánd skate-fun!