Through the years we have specialised in working with shotcrete. Shotcrete is applied in a drier state than other forms of concrete, resulting in less moisture seepage. Crack formation is minimalised through optimal compaction, resulting in attaining a higher strength class. Both the applying and the monolithic finishing of shotcrete are complicated processes that we have specialised ourselves in unlike any other company. By letting the reinforcement bars continue throughout the skate elements and the floors, our skateparks form one big structure, eliminating the chance of subsidence. The skatepark becomes, as it were, skatepark and foundation in one.

Safety and regulations
SkateOn skateparks designs and builds in compliance with the Dutch and European regulations, and our parks are inspected in accordance with the applicable standards. On completion, our skateparks are delivered with a certificate of approval from the AKI (inspection authority) meaning that they can be used with confidence.

RRR SkateOn BVRecycle Reduce Reuse
Working with environmentally sustainable and recyclable materials SkateOn strives to minimise waste and continually focuses on maximising the skate value of each project.